Film Services

Because of our team’s wide range of experience and specialties, Boro Collective can begin work on your project at any point during its timeline – pre-production, field production or post-production. We know that every production is different, so we can customize a strategy that works for you. Questions? Contact us


The brainstorming and planning stage of the project. This includes research, consulting, scripting & storyboarding, creative direction, equipment management, lighting and set design, and more.


The time spent filming on location or in a studio with the full crew. The full crew includes the producer, director, director of photography, assistant camera, audio tech, and potentially more depending on the project. The length of this stage depends entirely on the demands of the project.

MSA Curve Test 2016 by Travis Curry


After the footage and audio are captured, post-production begins. An editor will work with the director to polish the final deliverable through optimal scene selection, color and audio correction, and much more. Changes and recuts can occur, and we will be in close touch with the client through this stage.